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Hi, I'm Henrik!

I discovered my passion in 2018: coding. I was 14 years old and Minecraft was in full swing. I played together with friends on our server almost every day, but there was always one problem: we lacked features. Yes, there were plugins, but they weren't what we really wanted. I started to get interested in how to implement these functions better. So I began my career as a software developer with plugins for the game Minecraft in Java.

I never really had any success with my Minecraft projects. I was too inexperienced and also alone, so I couldn't keep up with the big teams in this market.

I learned about app development through an app at my school that a former student had developed. Together with other students, we were to continue programming the Android app. This way I learned how to work together with a team on a project: Keyword Git.

Since the xml format for the screen designs bothered me a lot, I taught myself Flutter during the vacations. Currently, as of October 2021, I am leading a WG at my school with which we are implementing a new version of the school app in Flutter.

In September 2021, I participated in the Startupteens Challenge with my team from notAbot and won 1st place in the category "Entertainment & Games". Since then, I've been involved in professional project planning, entrepreneurship, marketing and related copywriting in addition to programming.

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